Zvonimir Jurićs new film KOSAC/ THE REAPER

When checking my mails over breakfast, the newsletter from the Croatian Audio Visual Centre caught my eye: One of Croatia’s best known directors, Zvonimir Jurić, has released a new film! Kosac / The Reaper has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

I saw his last feature, Crnci / The Blacks at Cottbus Filmfestival, where it won that year. A grim psychological drama about a group of soldiers at the end of the war lacks any absurdity usually employed in Serbian films to deal with the horrors.

Jurić’s next film was the short Žuti Mjesec / Yellow Moon,  about a young soon-to-be mother having coffee with her neighbour uncovering unpleasant secrets.

With Kosac / The Reaper Juric no returns with a feature again focussed on the legacy of the recent Croatian history and it’s impact on society. Three stories are woven together in the setting of a small town in Slavonia, Variety hails in it’s review

“Jurić and co-screenwriter Jelena Paljan underscore the theme of being trapped and not able to move forward in numerous ways. From the lonely Ivo, who is practically deprived of human contact to the ruined men who sit and drink with Radić, the aftermath of the war and its concurrent dark deeds are omnipresent if rarely spoken of. Barely repressed, this unsavory past lingers like the holes in the floor which Krešo’s beautiful wife, Ana (Lana Barić), covers with a carpet, or the sad time capsule of a room at the factory farm where Ivo lives. (..)”

Read the full article here.

Sounds like a film worth watching! Check out the trailer here

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