South Eastern Europe is a place of many names but what is known to most at best as an affordable tourist destination or, a little less favourable, a place of trouble and corruption has actually one of the most interesting and diverse film landscapes in Europe.

Unfortunately, these films rarely make it into the theatres abroad. What a pity, you say, but dry your tears my dear – the SEE Film Club is here to help!

We bring you films that are unique in their absurdity, in their brutal reality, poetic films and those that may leave you distressed and reflecting. There is no easy way out and no happy end.

But there is music and Rakija. And room for discussion.

Come join us for our screenings in one of Hamburg’s many theatres.

Contact us at  SEEfilmclub (at) gmail.com.

SouthEastEuropean Film Club

c/o (p)ostkartell




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