CHUCK NORRIS vs. COMMUNISM – Film Screening at Lichtmess Kino, 18.02., 20h


American action heroes pair well with (now post-) socialist countries and their revolutionaries, but while you have to travel to Mostar, Bosnia, to find a Bruce Lee statue, a filmographic tribute to Chuck Norris’ role in the Romanian revolution that brought down the Ceausescu regime is delivered right to your doorstep here in Hamburg!

Thursday, February 2      //    20h   //    Lichtmess Kino, Gaußstr. 25, HH-Ottensen

Lichtmeß Kino is showing “CHUCK NORRIS VS. COMMUNISM” after it made the festival circuit last year. Premiered at Sundance, London-based  film maker Ilinca Calugareanu portrays how in the 1980s pirate copy VHS made their way into Romania, sealed-off behind the Iron Curtain,  under the eyes (and with the tacit support) of the corrupt nomenclatura. A black market video dealer and a translator who became the voice of the West dubbing almost all the films are the stars of this lovingly made documentary. But beware, the film maker has a degree in Anthropology, so she knows what she is talking about, yet the Sundance Review attests a certain repetitiveness.

But hey, can you ever get enough of Chuck Norris?




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